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Summer Thunderstorms and Lazy Afternoons

By Lisa Coots | May 21, 2015

What is it about afternoon thunderstorms that make me want to curl up with a book? As the thunder rumbles outside, I am reminded of rainy afternoons, old movies, and sticky popcorn. Sticky popcorn is my mother’s version of popcorn balls because no one wanted to wait for her to roll them into balls, and…

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Seven Things

By Lisa Coots | Apr 11, 2015

Seven things about my writing you may not know: 1. My first draft is always handwritten in a notebook. I love the feel of ink on crisp new paper! (No one ever sees it.) 2. My first book was started while waiting in school car lines. (In a notebook, with to-do lists, and doodles.) 3.…

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Hope: Book Two (Faith and Jake’s Story)

By Lisa Coots | Mar 22, 2015

 As I was finishing the ending of the first book, Promise, the characters of this book were restless. Faith and Jake wanted to tell me their story. I had to quiet them to finish the book. Once I started writing book two, Hope, they led me through the story and I was pleasantly surprised. Now,…

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I Am From

By Lisa Coots | Feb 11, 2015

  This is a poem I wrote years ago in answer to a friend’s poem describing where she was from. I had planned to include it in all of the books of the Coeur du Bayou Trilogy since they take place in the fictional town of Cypress Point. However, once I started writing the second…

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White Lights Night

By Lisa Coots | Dec 3, 2014

Please join me at The Louisiana Market during the White Lights Night after hours shopping event. The Louisiana Market is an unique cottage shop located  in Lake Charles, LA that features Louisiana themed items as well as art and books by Louisiana Artists and Authors! Hope to see you there!

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Glitter & Garland

By Lisa Coots | Nov 5, 2014

Join me for my very first Book Signing at this local shopping event! Located in beautiful downtown Lake Arthur LA. this Holiday shopping event “Promises” to have something for everyone on your Christmas list! For more information on this event check out their Facebook Page: Lake Arthur Glitter & Garland

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Write The Story You Want To Read

By Lisa Coots | Sep 21, 2014

This is what I have done. A story idea that came to me while waiting in the car line at St. Peter’s over 5 years ago, then put away and almost forgotten. Over a year ago, I came across the notebook and decided that since my children are older, it was time to finish what I…

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