wanttoreadThis is what I have done.
A story idea that came to me while waiting in the car line at St. Peter’s over 5 years ago, then put away and almost forgotten. Over a year ago, I came across the notebook and decided that since my children are older, it was time to finish what I started.
What started as a simple romance quickly evolved into something I would love to read. Romance, yes. I love the spark. That recognition that it could be “something”. Suspense. The thrill of not knowing what will happen next, and not wanting to put it down until you do. Sprinkle a little mystery,  and even a ghost story. I’m there.

A good story is like a vacation from the day to day struggles and worries. That’s why I read. Sometimes we all need that hope of a happily ever after.
My hope is that my story can be that for you.