memoriesSeven things about my writing you may not know:
1. My first draft is always handwritten in a notebook. I love the feel of ink on crisp new paper! (No one ever sees it.)
2. My first book was started while waiting in school car lines. (In a notebook, with to-do lists, and doodles.)
3. I love to write outside. A large portion of both of my books were written while sitting in my clickey lounge chair somewhere in my yard.
4. I became more serious about writing after writing a movie script with my husband. I still hope he turns it into a book one day.
5. I have written several mystery parties for my daughters and niece. It was good practice for dropping clues with the added bonus of seeing it acted out.
6. My characters speak to me, some louder than others. They lead me through the story.
7. Even though my stories and characters are fictional, they hold pieces of my memories. I guess it’s my own way of remembering and recording this place we live in…

Posted on Facebook March 25, 2015.