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Claire takes a chance on a better tomorrow. Will her past haunt her forever?

The small Louisiana town of Cypress Point promises a fresh start for Claire Hebert and her lovable Great Dane Rosie. On the run from a monster, Claire hopes the new job and new town will help her escape her past. Her free spirited friend, Serena, and the friendly folks next door keep her hoping and dreaming of a better tomorrow.

Fate takes a hand -- with a little help from Rosie -- throwing Claire into the arms of sexy Sheriff’s Deputy, Evan Bertrand. Sparks fly, but instincts steer him away from his parents' crazy neighbor and her trouble making canine. Will the chaos surrounding Claire be Evan’s undoing, or will their passion live up to its promise?

Mysterious happenings hint at the secrets held in Serena’s house, and warnings of a dangerous reunion threaten to spoil Claire’s promised tomorrow. On Halloween night, during a violent storm, Claire’s monster returns. Can Evan, with the help of a ghostly presence, help her overcome her past once and for all?



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Promise (Coeur du Bayou Trilogy #1)