What is it about afternoon thunderstorms that make me want to curl up with a book?

As the thunder rumbles outside, I am reminded of rainy afternoons, old movies, and sticky popcorn. Sticky popcorn is my mother’s version of popcorn balls because no one wanted to wait for her to roll them into balls, and smaller chunks were easier to eat. We didn’t have a choice of movie back then. Whatever happened to be on was what we watched. As soon as I learned to read, it opened up new worlds where the TV didn’t matter. The movies playing in my head were just as vivid and real as the ones in that magical box.

Summer also meant trips to the nearest library. Excited to search out those books I knew were waiting there just for me was an adventure in itself. The smell of that library to this day makes me a little queasy. I could never wait until we returned home to start reading one of those special books that had grabbed my attention and sparked my imagination. Trying to read in the car would ultimately make me dizzy and give me a headache but the stories were so engrossing I’d read on anyway.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to escape the rain, the heat, or work.¬†Summer’s here. Read on.