Quite often this is the case. I find myself laughing and shaking my head saying, “No one would believe this.” We’ve all had days where a chain of bad events snowball into an inevitable breakdown of sorts leaving us crying “Uncle!” and wishing for a better tomorrow. Later, in some cases much, much later, we are able to laugh about it.
Evan’s bad day in Promise (Book One) is one of those days. Oddly enough, part of that bad day is based on a true story. It wasn’t a Great Dane or the post office, but once upon a time a little stray mutt drove the dog catcher’s van into someone’s home. It was a very bad day for my husband and years later, we can laugh about it.
In Hope (Book Two), Faith is having a bad day, too. My cake disaster was way more traumatic than hers. It’s only been two years, maybe it’s too soon to talk about it. 😉
There are story ideas everywhere. We’ve all had bad days, road trips from hell, and hilarious nights out with friends. Just a few days ago, while visiting with my parents, a very funny thing happened involving my 86 year old father, the fireplace and a leaf blower. Hmmm, I may have to add that into one of my stories somewhere.
Truth may be stranger than fiction, but there’s usually some truth somewhere in there.