Fresh starts and second chances.

The Coeur du Bayou Trilogy has some of both. Three strangers looking to start over end up being the best of friends. The story begins with Claire Hebert. In her desperate search to hide from her past, she finds a new love and the family she’s always longed for. The story of the house, Coeur du Bayou, unfolds throughout the three books into a haunting love story that entwines the characters.
Claire had some hard knocks but she’s determined to find her promised tomorrow. Her motivation comes from music. She feels the song “Don’t stop” by Fleetwood Mac should be her theme song.
I feel most of us relate to music on some level, even music from a different time. It speaks to us. The words may even hold a different meaning for us instead of what the artist intended. It could bring back a feeling, a moment in time, or a person. It can inspire, motivate and change your mood. I would have a hard time choosing just one theme song because of my love of music from different genres and decades.
Could you pick one song that you thought would sum up your life up until this point?